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Mandatory Supervisory Sexual Harassment Training
On September 29, 2004, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Assembly Bill 1825 (new Government Code section 12950.1; see, which requires employers to train supervisors about sexual harassment prevention every two years. (6/05)

California Laws Restricting Unlicensed Securities Brokers
The California legislature passed laws (Assembly Bill No. 2167) that completely changed the risks and problems that arise when an unlicensed securities broker (often referred to as a "finder") sells securities to California residents, or on behalf of California entities. Both the Company whose securities are sold and the broker face what can be serious consequences. (1/05)

Limited Liability Company Terms and Principles
Limited liability companies, or LLCs, are increasingly common and popular business entities, but many businesspeople remain unfamiliar with the special terms and principles they entail. Visit our LLC pages for an overview of key aspects of California LLCs.

Common Legal Issues Facing Small Businesses
We have collected a set of frequently asked questions regarding the early stages of any new business. Questions and answers cover the areas of choice of entity, state of incorporation and fundraising dos and don'ts.

Objective or Subjective Standard for "Irreconcilable Differences" Dissolution Clause in Partnership Agreement
A December, 2002 case in the California Court of Appeals took up the question of whether a provision permitting a partnership to dissolve upon the discovery of irreconcilable differences between the partners required an objective showing that the partnership's business objectives were actually impossible to acheive under the circumstances, or whether a reasonable good faith belief in impossibility is sufficient. (1/03)

A Trademark Primer for Emerging Businesses
In our conversations with early-stage businesspeople, we frequently hear that people wish to take immediate steps to protect their intellectual property, especially trademarks. On further discussion, however, it becomes clear that many people do not fully understand the protection that trademarks can offer, and the protection that trademarks can't offer. This primer is designed to cover the basic issues of what a trademark can do, what it can't, and what factors a businessperson should consider before applying for trademark registration.

Covenants Not to Compete in California
Many business people are unaware of the extent to which California law prohibits companies from restricting the ability of workers to engage in competitive enterprises, both during employment and following termination. This primer discusses some important "do"s and "don't"s under California law, and shows how the adage that "it can't hurt" to include unenforceable provisions in a contract may prove very damaging.

Important Issues Under Revised Article 9

A substantial revision of Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code was adopted in all 50 U.S. states as of July 1, 2001. Read further to find out how the changes may affect pre-existing security interests, as well as how to properly document and perfect new security interests in intangible property. (8/01)

A Stock Option Primer
Our transactional group has extensive experience in drafting stock option plans, and advising clients on issues related to the granting and exercise of stock options. We have assembled a short summary of many of the basic provisions, and encourage readers to contact us with any further questions.

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act
Congress enacted COPPA to address the issue of web site operators soliciting personal information from underage visitors. COPPA's provisions are potentially applicable to a broad spectrum of web site operators. Click to read a summary of the act's provisions and see if your web site might fall within COPPA's purview.


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