Niesar & Vestal's transactional group specializes in working with small businesses. Our clients range from "happy to stay small" local businesses to emerging startups with IPO aspirations. Despite these diferences, many of our clients have the same basic questions. Should I form as a corporation? A partnership? A limited liability company? In Delaware or California? How much stock should I give to my co-founders? My early employees?

We have assembled a number of these common questions, and some guidelines to help answer them, on this web site. We can not hope to give precise answers specific to every situation, of course. We hope, however, that the information here will help small businesspeople to understand the issues they are facing, as well as the range of options available.

Choice of Entity for Small Businesses

Where Should I Organize my Business?

Dividing Equity Among Founders

Obtaining Funding for a New Business


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